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Wild Mushroom Risotto with Fennel Stew


(quantity per person)

10g Olive Oil

20g Pink Onions diced

10g Garlic diced (optional)

50g Risotto Rice (Arborio or similar)

250g Beef Stock

15g Dried Wild Mushrooms (soaked)

30g White Wine

20g Parmesan Cheese grated

10g Parmesan Shaved

Much Patience

1. Saute Onion, Garlic and Risotto in the olive oil

2. Add the Wild Mushrooms (reserve the soaking liquid in case extra stock is needed)

3. Add the stock gradually, stirring continually until rice is soft (at least 15 mins.)

4. When rice is cooked add shredded Parmesan and Wine

5. Add Seasoning to Taste.

6. Serve in deep plate topped with grated Parmesan, Fennel Stew and garnish.

Fennel Stew

100g Fennel trimmed and sliced

10g Butter

Pot of salt water

1. Parboil fennel in saltwater

2. Saute Fennel in the butter add a little of the fennel stock (saved from parboiling)

3. Season and place on top of Risotto

4. Add garnish of fennel green, tomato and olive

Recipe By Heinz Fischer of crealicious Hong Kong





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