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Wild Mushroom Risotto with Fennel Stew


(quantity per person)

10g Olive Oil

20g Pink Onions diced

10g Garlic diced (optional)

50g Risotto Rice (Arborio or similar)

250g Beef Stock

15g Dried Wild Mushrooms (soaked)

30g White Wine

20g Parmesan Cheese grated

10g Parmesan Shaved

Much Patience

1. Saute Onion, Garlic and Risotto in the olive oil

2. Add the Wild Mushrooms (reserve the soaking liquid in case extra stock is needed)

3. Add the stock gradually, stirring continually until rice is soft (at least 15 mins.)

4. When rice is cooked add shredded Parmesan and Wine

5. Add Seasoning to Taste.

6. Serve in deep plate topped with grated Parmesan, Fennel Stew and garnish.

Fennel Stew

100g Fennel trimmed and sliced

10g Butter

Pot of salt water

1. Parboil fennel in saltwater

2. Saute Fennel in the butter add a little of the fennel stock (saved from parboiling)

3. Season and place on top of Risotto

4. Add garnish of fennel green, tomato and olive

Recipe By Heinz Fischer of crealicious Hong Kong






Perfect Tuna Melt

I realize everyone knows how to make these but mine are ABSOLUTELY the best as Rockstar and Genius will testify after they demolished three each yesterday. I was a paragon of virtue and ate only one.

2 Cans Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna

4 Tbsp  Hellman's Light Mayo

Juice of half lemon

Arnold Country White Bread

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Sliced Tomatoes

Slices of sharp cheddar cheese


Mix the tuna mayo and lemon juice together

Butter one side of each bread slice

On the unbuttered side pile on the tuna mix, cheddar and tomato slices.

Close the sandwich so the buttered bread slices are on the outside and fry in pan with a little extra of the balance butter spread until outsides are golden and a little crisp. Turn sandwich once or twice during cooking to ensure even cooking.


Asparagus Dream

1 lb fresh asparagus

1/3 cup mayo

juice of one orange

few drops fresh lemon juice

freshly ground black pepper

Boil the asapargus for a few minutes (till al dente)

drain and put in the fridge for at least half an hour till cold.

mix the mayo with the juice from orange

when ready to serve place the asparagus on plates squeeze a few drops of lemon juice over them then drizzle the orange mayo generously and finish off wih some black pepper.

serves four as an appetizer.

This is so simple you will wonder why I bothered writing it up, until you eat them - then you will be singing my praises for quite some time!


Perfect Pavlova

8 egg whites

12 oz sugar

few drops of vanilla essence

few drops of malt vinegar

Heavy whipping cream

Fruit/chocolates for topping

Put oven on to 300

Cut parchment paper into a large circle that will fit onto a round metal pizza backing sheet (with holes) 

Spray the parchment lightly on both sides with Pam baking spray and place on pizza sheet.

With electric beater beat egg whites till stiff

gradually add the sugar and keep beating until incorporated (less than a minute)

Add the drops of vanilla essence and vinegar and beat for ten seconds more

with a spatula spread the egg white mixture into a large circle (about one and a half inches thick)on the parchment covered pizza sheet.

Place in middle of oven and set timer for 45 mins. When time is up check and if the pavlova is risen and a very light golden brown it is ready. If not leave in for another 5 to 10 mins.

When meringue is cool top with whipped cream and fruit. A combination of raspberries strawberries blueberries and blackberries is best but I do part fruit and part crumbled chocolates as my boys don't like fruit. But you can put any type of fruit on and it is still fabulous.

This recipe taught to me by my Sister-in- Law Sharon who is the Queen of Desserts.


Easy Beef Skewers

2 pounds of skirt steak

1 bottle of Annies Shitake Mushroom Salad Dressing

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup Dai Day sweet sour duck sauce

Bamboo Skewers

Cut the skirt steak into chunks and thread onto the bamboo skewers (fold the thin bits of the steak in half to make better chunks for threading)

Place skewers in large Tupperware

Mix all the other ingredients and pour over skewers

Put lid on Tupperware and leave in fridge for a few hours (overnight is better)

Grill on Bar-B-Que  till well browned and cooked through.