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Life Center Butere

I think this is a very deserving and exciting project.

It's great to be able to donate knowing that all the money will go where it should.


to read about the orphanage and make a donation.

Jason La Motte is a filmmaker based in Tunbridge Wells and working in London. Two years ago while filming in Kenya, he was introduced to the Life Centre and its director Wycliffe Kwalanda. It's an orphanage with 65 kids from age 2-16 years old. Right now they are completely dependent on outside donations to cover costs of feeding and clothing the children, paying school fees and buying school uniforms. Jason was inspired by his direct connection to the kids, and the fact that there are zero overheads as a charity, so all the money goes 100% to the orphanage. He decided to become involved and to make a film documenting the way in which a small community could become self sufficient with just a little help.
This project is all about transformation and inspiration. The transformation we're going to cause is the change from an orphanage dependent on outside donations to one that is financially independent and sustainable. This will be done with our fundraising project Cows for Orphans, and a microeconomic advisor from the UK consultancy sector and a local farming expert. Dairy and poultry projects will generate food source and income for the orphanage so they can be independent.
The inspiration is where the fun part comes in. As a filmmaker, I've already got a crew volunteered to go with me this summer to film this transformation. We may also be filming some of the process happening here in the UK on the fundraising side as well. We will of course credit donors and sponsors quite heavily, and this film will be marketed to BBC, Channel4, and ITV, hoping to tell the story of a very focused, driven, direct, goal-orientated kind of giving. I'm just using the kind of networks (social, professional, online) that most of us have, and using my spare time to transform this very deserving little orphanage in Kenya. What if other people were inspired in this kind of way? We could change the world one community at a time.