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Little Kippers

It was with some trepidation that I clicked the place your order button for my most recent purchase from Amazon. The book titled ‘Slouching Towards Adulthood- How to let go of your kids so they can grow up’ appeared to be a sort of self-help guide to stepping back from the helicopter style of parenting prevalent amongst my Baby Boomer generation.

As I’m fully aware that I have an UNCRONTROLABLE urge to help fix all my son's problems I decided that it was high time I faced the truth of my meddlesome, overprotective, worrywart ways and started dishing out some tough love to Rockstar and Genius before I destroy any hope of them becoming completely independent adults. However having finished the book I am more confused (and guilt ridden) than EVER.

First of all according to the author (Sally Koslow) we Baby Boomers have created an unholy mess on this planet for our young folk to deal with having foolishly raised them with a bunch of completely CRAZY ideas that everything they do, think and say is totally UNIQUE, AMAZING, and FABULOUS. Secondly (along with the help of a pitiful education system that discourages most types of punishment and awards everyone prizes so no-one feels left out) we send them off to the best colleges paid for out of our dwindling retirement funds CONVINCED that they will emerge and slot straight into the glamorous well-paid jobs of their dreams. Because God forbid they should suffer any hardship WHATSOEVER and certainly they should NOT be expected to do menial jobs for minimum wage after graduating from Ivy League schools with double majors.

Unfortunately while they were away getting a top class education (AKA having fun with their friends) we Boomers were doing a terrific job of DESTROYING the economy to the point that our Kippers (Kids in Parents Pockets) are graduating with very little chance of employment in ANY field.

It’s really not that bad though, because Mommy and Daddy are old school and so are still working themselves RAGGED at the dead end jobs they have been in most of their lives, determined to provide nice clothes, cars and vacations for the Kippers. We Boomers grew up with corporal punishment in schools and parents who really didn’t care if we were fulfilled in our careers as long as we were off their hands and financially independent by twenty one (or earlier if at all possible.) By contrast we’ve produced a generation of over-confident, self-entitled, dissatisfied twenty-somethings who don’t see any problem bumming around for a few years while they sort things out and if mom and dad are happy to help then so be it.

What is inspiring about this generation is that they are exactly what they NEED to be to survive in the chaos that’s been handed to them. They are self-motivated, flexible, multi-talented and with their mastery of all things technological, completely capable of getting the answers to everything they need to know WITHOUT our help. Most of what they know of true value is self-taught so the thousands of dollars we handed over to educational institutions was probably a COMPLETE waste. Yes they may job hop for a few years, travel the globe, move back in with us because they can’t afford rent but eventually they will figure it out and when they do – WOW. They think nothing of starting their own companies, finding funding to start entrepreneurial enterprises, moving halfway across the country and back again. Nothing fazes them. I truly believe that most of them WILL be successful and more importantly they will ultimately change the current status quo so radically that we will look back and wonder how we ever thought our way was better.

I wish I had an ounce of their DNA. I would love to give up my demanding job and stay home cuddling the dog and writing bestselling novels. But I don’t have the balls and besides I need my salary to help support MY little Kippers as they build their businesses, and launch their careers.

Little do they know that the shoe will soon be on the other foot. Having funded their enterprises, education and adventures we will be PENNILESS (and homeless) in our dotage and asking to move back in with THEM! In the meantime I’m thinking it might be nice to take them away for little family vacation. A break from the traumas of self-employment and/or job hunting. And here’s the rub……my little Kippers ARE the smartest, most unique, AMAZING and fabulous people, so Mufasa and I would rather spend time with them than anyone else we know.


Going Bananas

I have a love/hate relationship with bananas.

I don’t really like them and have to force myself to eat one but when I finally do, I realize that actually they are quite nice. I just can’t bear them when they start turning brown so I always buy them when they are slightly green and then spend days watching them turn brown before throwing them away. This was a weekly ritual until thanks to Pinterest I discovered an idiot-proof recipe for Banana Bread.

The recipe calls for you to store your BROWN bananas in the freezer so that they are always on hand to whip up an exquisite white chocolate chip & pine nut banana loaf. FANTASTIC - no more guilt over throwing away food but now I have a freezer FULL of brown bananas.

The problem with the banana bread solution is twofold. Sometimes it emerges from the oven perfect & delicious at which point I eat the ENTIRE loaf. The rest of the time it’s a dismal failure and so I look at it for a week before throwing it away. (More guilt over wasting food.) Note to self: Recipe not as idiot-proof as anticipated - don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest.

My freezer is CHOCK full of things I can’t bear to discard. Small containers with Thanksgiving leftovers are still there in April. Large containers with substandard casseroles, which no one really enjoyed so they didn’t get eaten. Why I think these will be MORE appealing three months later is a mystery to both me and the rest of the family.

Eventually I’m forced to clear out the freezer to make room for the next batch of small/large containers. So inevitably SOME food must be discarded. I can’t even feed it to the dog as he has a huge problem digesting any human food (details to follow in Dog Shame blog.)

What I need is a pot-bellied pig. Apart from the fact that they are totally adorable, I hear they have a real penchant for brown bananas.


Would You Rather................?

Genius just called. He knows me SO well therefore he prefaced his question with:

Mom this is just hypothetical OK? Don’t freak out.”

The Question was:

“Would you rather spend the rest of your life in prison with ABSOLUTELY no hope of parole or be dead?”

I didn’t hesitate:

“HA! Obviously I would go to prison OF COURSE I would go to prison and I would make the absolute BEST of it.”

But before I continued my response I couldn’t resist asking:

“But this IS hypothetical right? I mean you don’t have someone standing in front of you with a gun?”

Laughter from the CROWD! Whoops… I’m on speakerphone and this is a discussion group!

Well now that I have an audience let me elaborate.

“Much as I would prefer NOT to go to Jail, if it was that or death I would go there with bells on.  I would be the model inmate and everyone would love me. I would use the opportunity to better others and myself by taking and running Cookery, Painting, Gardening, and Meditation classes.

I would Get my Masters in creative writing and FINALLY write a book. A BESTSELLER

Martha would have nothing on me.”

A roof over my head and three meals a day for free? I would RELISH the opportunity to re-create myself and I am a firm believer in accepting your circumstances and making the best of them.

Also it seems that prisons these days are pretty decent environments. They even have Interior Designers for them so perhaps I could be the in-house Designer?

Everyone in the discussion group agreed with me. Well everyone EXCEPT Genius.

Genius would rather be DEAD than incarcerated.

I SINCERELY hope the question WAS hypothetical.


Sweet Baby James

I’ve just finished nursing Rockstar through a Tonsillectomy.

It was an experience I hope NEVER to repeat.

Fun Fact # 1: This is not an outpatient procedure for an adult EVER.

Fun Fact # 2: The reason you are being sent home is because your insurance doesn’t want to pay for overnight stay unless you are close to death.

Fun Fact # 3: Some doctors and hospital admin. staff have the bedside manner of Genghis Khan. Nurses however are truly wonderful. Bill at Boca Regional – THANK YOU – you probably won’t read this but YOU made a difference.

The night following the surgery was totally horrific. I think I’ve been scarred for life from twenty hours watching Rockstar suffer what would surely constitute torture if he was being held captive.

Fun Fact # 4: Your children are still your babies even when they are 23 and left home two years ago.

Fun Fact # 5: The reason I had to go to the doctor and speak for my son was because he’d had throat surgery and COULD NOT TALK or DRIVE not because I’m an overprotective mother DUH.

(Although of course I am.)

Fun Fact # 6: If you have an abnormally swollen throat after surgery which is preventing you swallowing even a SIP of water then you WILL need to be on an IV for at least a day or two as you will NOT be able to swallow pain medication – surprise surprise.

Fun Fact # 7: A private room at a hospital is $300 a night. This is comparable with a room at a decent hotel and is without doubt the BEST $300 we ever spent. The alternative was a shared room with a very sick man who was coughing, hacking and vomiting. Not really what Rockstar wanted to be listening to when he was already in ACUTE distress. On top of that the roommate had a seven family members around the bed all taking turns in the shared toilet (more unpleasant sound effects.) The private room gets you away from all of that but what it doesn’t do is get you away from the crazy person in the next room who spends the whole night SCREAMING at the top of his voice “SOMEBODY HELP ME.”

Fun Fact # 8: The guest recliner in the private room is a sort of pre-war contraption and after a night in it you will probably need to stay in the hospital yourself for back surgery. However it is still WAY more comfortable than the guest armchair so the second you vacate the recliner to use the restroom your Husband will hop right into it.

Fun Fact # 9: The Mama stays with the Bubba at the hospital overnight (‘sleeping’ in the pre-war recliner with a thin hospital blanket while the Papa gets to go home and take a lovely hot shower, sleep in a nice comfortable bed and return the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. So the Papa needs to be VERY careful not to upset the Mama or to assume that she is fine just because she SEEMS fine. She SEEMS fine because she doesn’t want the Bubba to see her crying. 

Fun Fact # 10: Just because your patient can’t eat doesn’t mean you will save money on food that week. I don’t think I have ever had such an enormous grocery bill due to my desperation to find something that Rockstar could eat without hurting his throat. He still lost fourteen pounds and I lost seven!

Not the first choice for a weight loss program but a small bonus for the week of hell spent nursing MY sweet baby James.


The Things We Do For Love

At 7 a.m every Sunday Morning and 7 p.m every Wednesday evening I am required to spend twenty minutes rolling a drumstick up and down the back of my husband's thighs. This is not some hideous perversion plucked from the pages of Fifty Shades (I don't read garbage) but apparently a bone fide prevention technique against hamstring injuries. These sessions are not exactly the highlight of my week. The stick rolling is actually a LOT more exhausting than one would imagine, but my complaints have fallen on stony ground as Mufasa claims it's the most exercise I've had all year (sadly this is true.)

I'm desperately trying to think of something I want in return for these weekly torture sessions because delivering them purely as an act of love is not working for me AT ALL. The little acts of love I prefer are the ones that require minimal effort like remembering to buy my husband's favorite salad dressing or collecting his shirts from the cleaners.

The other day I happened to be home after he had left for work as I had a late morning dental appointment. I was using the time to make important calls and had finally got past all the automated selections to a LIVE person when my cell phone started ringing and I saw my husband's number on the screen. I did not want to abandon the call I was on but became increasingly disturbed as he KEPT ringing and ringing and after four unsuccessful attempts to reach me on my cell started dialing the house phone which I ignored as I was still otherwise engaged. When he reverted to calling the cell AGAIN I panicked (deciding it must be a real emergency) and answered full of fear at the news I was no doubt about to receive:

Dishy " Hi Darling What's wrong?"

Mufasa " Thank Goodness you're still home"

Dishy " Why? What's happened?"

Mufasa "DISASTER!" 

Dishy (now very distressed) "What sort of disaster"

Mufasa " I just don't know how this happened but I'm wearing the wrong shoes."

Dishy " WHAT!!!!! The wrong shoes how? You mean you have one dress shoe and one sneaker on?" (thinking that maybe he has a brain tumor that's affecting his vision.)

Mufasa " No I'm wearing black trousers and I just noticed I put on brown shoes."

Dishy "................" ( speechless - I mean what does a loving wife say in these situations?)

Mufasa " Can you please bring my black shoes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?"

Dishy " Of course darling, but I am actually on the way to the dentist do you think you can survive till I arrive at lunchtime?"

I hope that despite the sarcasm in my response , my husband will acknowledge the delivery of the shoes as another little demonstration of my affection. Maybe he will not be so crabby next time he notices I'm wearing his favorite socks to bed. Maybe he will finally get around to taking my car for an oil change. Maybe he will  remember to put the recycle bins out for collection this week without me having to nag.

After all in every relationship there is a never-ending list of The Things We do For Love.


Praise the Warlord

Rockstar came for dinner last night and as we were clearing the dishes Mufasa asked me in a VERY loud voice

"Did you notice that I put out the recycle bins and they are now empty?"

I was rather taken aback by the announcement as YES I had noticed that after five months of him forgetting every week to put them out (so that they were full to the point of OVERFLOWING and in fact taking over the ENTIRE garage) they had in fact found their way to the curb, had their contents collected by waste management, and been returned to their storage space. I had not however, found it necessary to comment on this Christmas miracle because I have trained myself to be oblivious to the irritating little jobs that never get done so that I wont be labelled with that most terrible of all labels a NAG.

What I had obviously overlooked was that I had failed to heap praise on my loved one for his outstanding accomplishment (which means that the recycle bins are probably destined to be full for the next year or two.)

I desperately tried to retrieve the situation:

Dishy (sarcastically) "Sorry Darling I didn't realize that I was supposed to give you a medal for FINALLY remembering to do one of YOUR chores."

Mufasa "What do you mean MY chores?"

Dishy "Are you NUTS of course it's one of your chores it's on your LIST"

Mufasa (very sarcastically) "Sorry I didn't get the memo."

I start to wonder what Rockstar is thinking about this exchange and whether we are just terrible role models for his future marriage?

'The List' doesn't actually exist it's just an unspoken agreement about certain things that fall into the male domain of every partnership - emptying the trash, checking tyre pressures, changing light bulbs, washing the dishes if your wife cooked the dinner etc. etc. Everyone knows that this is the way it is but for some reason men think that every time they complete one of these tasks that they deserve (at the very least) some extra praise and pampering and if truth be told what they actually expect is some physical manifestation of their woman's unadulterated joy and gratitude. Conversely they feel no need at all to praise, thank and spoil the women in their lives for the GAZILLION daily necessities that are carried out without a word of complaint or expectation of reward.

Why is it that it is perfectly OK for a man to say to his wife "Did you remember to pick up my dry cleaning" but if the wife says "Did you remember to fix that smoke alarm?" she is a NAG? Of course the answer to the first question is always "yes", whereas the answer to the second question (which is actually the fourth time of asking without a result) is always "I'm going to do it tomorrow after golf."

Wives are all (by default) NAGS. But husbands (like mine) who overall are tidy, considerate and helpful get the title SNAG (Sensitive New-Age Guy.) This belies the fact that they are actually little warlords in disguise. I need to stock up on Gold Medals for Mufasa after my recycle faux pas - it's a small price to pay for an efficient peaceful and well run home.



I seem to have lost my voice. I don't mean I have Laryngitis it's my writing voice I've lost. I have NOTHING to say. My last blog was posted on October 14th  and since then I haven't been inspired to write a SINGLE word.

I was expecting to have a ton of material but NADA, ZILCH, NIENTE.

I guess this is what is commonly referred to as writers block and apparently the only cure for the condition is to write. So here I am writing (even though I don't have anything to write about) in the DESPERATE hope that as I continue some miracle will occur and this collection of words will suddenly become a creative, humorous piece of literary genius to be savored by all who stumble upon it. When I say ALL I am referring to the few family members and friends who claim to regularly read and enjoy my blog. I'm afraid this is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I thought I would be rich and famous by now and if all my apathetic readers had simply passed this page on to even a handful of their friends then Dish It Up would have EXPLODED by now and I would be sitting on a beach drinking margaritas while the sales of my books, oven gloves, aprons etc sky rocketed. Instead of which I am still working my fingers to the bone in a real job and trying to satisfy the few paltry requests to be a little more prolific. Come on people I need REWARDS, you are going to have to try a little harder. Is it really that much trouble to press the like button every time you read one of my posts? After all you spend half your lives on Facebook commenting on the biggest load of insignificant CRAP, but I can count on four fingers the number of comments I've had in the two plus years I've been doing this. Now that the election is over and you have nothing much to rant about can't you divert your energy into promoting my page?

It's hardly surprising that I'm so demotivated. Aside from my family, my co-workers and the ever loyal David I barely get a scrap of attention. I need FANS. Real, adoring, stalking type fans. Strangely when I look at my stats and the map which shows location of my readership it reveals that this blog is being read in about thirty different countries - INCREDIBLE! I'm completely mystified as to why someone in Kazakhstan would be remotely interested in the minutiae of MY life.

We were in New York last week with the boys and were taken out for a fantastic dinner (by the Ever Loyal David) and I had been fretting a little about the occasion as Rockstar and Genius are not known for their propensity to try new foods. I had checked out the menu in advance and ascertained that the experience was likely to be a culinary adventure. Imagine my shock when they both devoured every pulse, bean and legume that was placed in front of them. At one point I turned to Genius in total awe and declared "I cannot believe that you now eat spinach and Mushrooms!" He looked at me strangely and replied " Well all YOU ever make are carrots and peas." I was literally SPEECHLESS; Can he really be that deluded? Good grief doesn't he realize that carrots and peas are the only vegetables I ever served THEM because they point blank refused to eat any other vegetables? Just the mention of a brussels sprout or zucchini would be enough to induce severe gagging and the standard excuse "I'm not hungry." THIS is what happens when your kids leave home......they discover all sorts of new things and then re-write history with you starring as the unsophisticated bumpkin that held them back all their lives. Small wonder that I wasn't in too much of a hurry to blog about THAT.

Even Mufasa is not co-operating these days. I'm beginning to think he's having an affair as he is being far too nice and not doing anything to aggravate me, ergo no husband bashing material to wax lyrical about. Oh well..... tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone will be home. It will be a full-on lunch for sixteen with Dishy's FINEST creations so hopefully Rockstar and Genius will be reminded of what an incredibly good cook their mother is and perhaps there will be just enough craziness to inspire an amusing blog about our family's eccentricities. And just MAYBE someone in Tasmania or Outer Mongolia will be driven (or bored enough) to leave me a comment.



When is the Mama not the Mama? NEVER that's when - NEVER. Rockstar left home a year ago and we have entered a new phase of our lives where (technically) because he is no longer under my roof I don't need to worry about him (in theory.)

However last night he came home. He came home because Florida Power and Light seem to think they are perfectly justified in cutting off his electric supply with NO WARNING WHATSOEVER even though his account is NOT in arrears. 
When Rockstar set up his new FPL account two weeks ago, he foolishly thought he was all set. This may have been because after he set up the account on line and paid the ENORMOUS deposit (which they will hold for TWO years) a message popped up on his screen which said YOU'RE ALL SET. Unfortunately he didn't notice the small print stating that he needed to fax a second form of ID within ten days. 

The ten days were up four days ago (on a Tuesday) but instead of doing the humane thing and informing him that he had forty- eight hours to rectify the situation they decided to turn off his power. Obviously they did not turn it off that day because it was TUESDAY and on a Tuesday you can get your power turned back on. NO they waited until 6 pm on SATURDAY because on Saturday evening they only have disconnection teams working but no re-connection teams until MONDAY. 

As Rockstar had no power and a fridge full of defrosting food he did what any smart young man would do - grabbed the perishables and came home to Mama. After several calls to FPL where I was literally SCREAMING at the Power Outage Rep. that no decent company in the civilized world would act in this way I was informed "we are very sorry that you are upset Madam but there is nothing we can do." What he actually meant was "We don't actually give a crap how you feel as we have TOTAL monopoly on power supply in this state and can do whatever we want." 
Rockstar realized that I was probably not in the frame of mind to whip up one of my delicious home cooked meals so he popped out to get a bite to eat with a friend. That was FIVE hours ago and when I woke up at 1am realizing that he had not returned I was catapulted back into neurotic Jewish Mother Mode. Of course when he is sleeping at his own house I have no idea what he is doing or when he gets home and I don't lose a wink of sleep over it. But put him back under the family roof for ten minutes and I'm instantly imagining an horrific crime scene instead of assuming he fell asleep on his buddy's sofa.

Forgive me if I sound like a mad woman ranting but I am in fact a woman only recently back from the EDGE OF INSANITY. This is because a recent flood in our house resulted in an emergency flight home from Hong Kong followed by a week of my living with twenty industrial fans and de-humidifiers that would make the noise level on the average runway sound like a lullaby. 

Humans do not have a high tolerance for noise, it is a very effective form of torture commonly used against prisoners of war. Here's an interesting experiment, put a peri-menopausal woman with SEVERE jet lag into a confined space with an unhealthy level of decibels and the result is not pretty. Add to the torment by telling her every single day that the noisy equipment will be removed the following day and then turn up the following day with the bad news that she must endure a further 24 hours of the torture. Do this for six days straight and then see how well she reacts to the slightest provocation. 

Fortunately for Mufasa he is still in Hong Kong or I may have found the need to make him pay for my misery. As it is he gets the opportunity to play the loving, supportive husband from the very safe distance of nine thousand miles. By the time he gets home he will have missed the disruption that Floodgate has wreaked on our home and our lives. The demolition phase will be complete and the house will be in order and freshly painted. In fact everything will be in even better order than it was when he left as I have been occupying the hours between 1am and 4am (when I can't sleep) completely reorganizing our kitchen cupboards and throwing away ten years worth of accumulated rubbish. I could write an ENTIRE blog about the contents of the drawer next to the fridge but post-cleansing that drawer is a thing of beauty that I open several times a day (with a mad gleam in my eye) just to check that it is still perfectly in order and not overflowing with dead batteries, coins from fifteen countries you've never even heard of, dried up tubes of super-glue, take out menus from places we would never dream of eating at, expired coupons, screws, nuts, bolts , old cough candies etc. etc. etc.

It will be interesting to see if Mufasa is as excited about the new streamlined kitchen arrangement as I am or if he will be psychologically disturbed by the relocation of his favorite cereal bowls. Hopefully he will have the sense to know that it would be extremely unwise to say anything even SLIGHTLY negative to the woman who has recently navigated through Floodgate.