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Designer Dating

The RFP process is exactly like dating.
You have to dress up, put on make up, be (economically) truthful about your past, expound all your achievements, be funny, be engaging, be smart and witty and DESIRABLE. 
You can't be too cheap or too expensive. 
If you are lucky you get it just right and get a second date. 
After that you are either loved or rejected. 
Rejection is tough - you go through all the agony of analyzing where you went wrong. You convince yourself that you are just not good enough and that someone else was prettier, smarter, more talented etc. etc.
The truth is that you simply were not the right match. 
Just as every person you date will not be your future spouse, every Client you chase may not be the one for you either.
Sometimes after you've given your ALL, the phone doesn't even ring and you have NO clue why it didn't work out. Other times you are told in EXCRUCIATING detail that you did everything perfectly, they loved your work they loved the fee they loved everything about you, it's really not your fault that the future belongs to another.
Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time you look back with gratitude at these failed attempts - you see the bigger picture (difficult Client, unrealistic budget, IMPOSSIBLE schedule) and realize that you are so HAPPY that it wasn't meant to be and usually by that time you are 'going steady' with something much better, more suitable and more inspiring.
An experienced Project Manager recently told me that the best projects are the ones you DON'T get. I understand that sentiment but I think the best projects are the ones that you are destined to have. The ones that land in your lap even though your bid wasn't the lowest, you didn't try too hard and you were having an off day when they called.

But yet somehow when they met you the chemistry was there and they just knew that YOU were the One.


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