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I came to this realization after my phone was stolen last Friday and my first reaction was to curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb. I resisted this urge as at the time I was on site doing a major installation and I didn’t want the contractors or my clients to lose confidence in my ability to cope with the very difficult job we were completing.

I borrowed a phone and started dialing Mufasa when it dawned on me that requesting help from someone who has only just mastered text messaging was not likely to reap dividends so I called Rockstar instead. Within seconds he had established that my phone was still in the building but had been turned off. He then erased every bit of data from the phone remotely and made sure that the next time anyone tried to use it HUGE messages would appear on the screen declaring the phone STOLEN.

After just a few hours ‘off the grid’ I started to notice that not only was I able to cope admirably without my iPhone but I was actually GREATLY enjoying it’s absence from my life. This little black devil and I have been surgically attached for some years now and CLEARLY the relationship was bordering on unhealthy. 

Now, three days later (and not feeling any sense of urgency to replace my phone) I conclude that my life is generally happier and more relaxed while phone-free.

Over the last three days:

I didn’t read any e-mails at inappropriate times thereby avoiding raising my blood pressure to SKY HIGH from being BOMBARDED with impossible demands and unpleasant requests (made infinitely worse by my own knee-jerk reactions.) Instead I read my e-mails once a day (in the evening on my computer) and responded CALMLY to any issues that had not already been resolved without my input.

I didn’t sit in restaurants checking out best dish tips on FourSquare but instead watched all the food that came out of the kitchen and ordered what looked delicious. I was not once disappointed.

I didn’t use GPS to get myself home but instead relied on skills I had forgotten I possessed – spotting landmarks and reading road signs instead of ignoring them all because I was expecting The Voice to do all the work. I didn’t get lost once, imagine that?

I will be getting a new phone soon but I have made a decision that it is time for me to use my phone as nature (AKA Alexander Graham Bell) intended – for making calls.

I intend to dumb down my phone so that I can re-establish MYSELF as the smart one in our relationship.

No more e-mail infiltrating my hour-to-hour existence, changing my mood from happy to AGRAVATED with one peak at the subject line. No more downloading a myriad of applications that I NEVER use and just drain my battery because I forget to close them. And no more ADHD. I’m going to find balance in my life again and although I still intend to have the latest technology at my disposal (I’m not a complete idiot) I will be FAR more conscious of not abusing the privilege.


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