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The Six Stages of Other People's Children

Stage One (Age 22) OMG Kids are SO annoying I’m NEVER having them.


Stage Two (Age 26) OMG Babies ARE SO CUTE – I DESPERATELY want one!


Stage Three (Age 30) My kids are so cute and well behaved I can’t believe that they are going to grow up into those monstrous badly behaved teenagers I see everywhere.


Stage Four (Age 47) My teenagers are such fun, intelligent AND talented. I wish younger parents would learn to control their little brats; mine were NEVER so badly behaved when they were that age.


Stage Five (Age 52) I am over kids/Parenting in a BIG way = Dogs are far more rewarding and if that screaming baby is sitting next to me on this flight there will be hell to pay.


Stage Six (Age 57) OMG Babies are SO cute – I can’t wait to be a Grandma.

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