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Going Bananas

I have a love/hate relationship with bananas.

I don’t really like them and have to force myself to eat one but when I finally do, I realize that actually they are quite nice. I just can’t bear them when they start turning brown so I always buy them when they are slightly green and then spend days watching them turn brown before throwing them away. This was a weekly ritual until thanks to Pinterest I discovered an idiot-proof recipe for Banana Bread.

The recipe calls for you to store your BROWN bananas in the freezer so that they are always on hand to whip up an exquisite white chocolate chip & pine nut banana loaf. FANTASTIC - no more guilt over throwing away food but now I have a freezer FULL of brown bananas.

The problem with the banana bread solution is twofold. Sometimes it emerges from the oven perfect & delicious at which point I eat the ENTIRE loaf. The rest of the time it’s a dismal failure and so I look at it for a week before throwing it away. (More guilt over wasting food.) Note to self: Recipe not as idiot-proof as anticipated - don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest.

My freezer is CHOCK full of things I can’t bear to discard. Small containers with Thanksgiving leftovers are still there in April. Large containers with substandard casseroles, which no one really enjoyed so they didn’t get eaten. Why I think these will be MORE appealing three months later is a mystery to both me and the rest of the family.

Eventually I’m forced to clear out the freezer to make room for the next batch of small/large containers. So inevitably SOME food must be discarded. I can’t even feed it to the dog as he has a huge problem digesting any human food (details to follow in Dog Shame blog.)

What I need is a pot-bellied pig. Apart from the fact that they are totally adorable, I hear they have a real penchant for brown bananas.

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