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Would You Rather................?

Genius just called. He knows me SO well therefore he prefaced his question with:

Mom this is just hypothetical OK? Don’t freak out.”

The Question was:

“Would you rather spend the rest of your life in prison with ABSOLUTELY no hope of parole or be dead?”

I didn’t hesitate:

“HA! Obviously I would go to prison OF COURSE I would go to prison and I would make the absolute BEST of it.”

But before I continued my response I couldn’t resist asking:

“But this IS hypothetical right? I mean you don’t have someone standing in front of you with a gun?”

Laughter from the CROWD! Whoops… I’m on speakerphone and this is a discussion group!

Well now that I have an audience let me elaborate.

“Much as I would prefer NOT to go to Jail, if it was that or death I would go there with bells on.  I would be the model inmate and everyone would love me. I would use the opportunity to better others and myself by taking and running Cookery, Painting, Gardening, and Meditation classes.

I would Get my Masters in creative writing and FINALLY write a book. A BESTSELLER

Martha would have nothing on me.”

A roof over my head and three meals a day for free? I would RELISH the opportunity to re-create myself and I am a firm believer in accepting your circumstances and making the best of them.

Also it seems that prisons these days are pretty decent environments. They even have Interior Designers for them so perhaps I could be the in-house Designer?

Everyone in the discussion group agreed with me. Well everyone EXCEPT Genius.

Genius would rather be DEAD than incarcerated.

I SINCERELY hope the question WAS hypothetical.

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