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Praise the Warlord

Rockstar came for dinner last night and as we were clearing the dishes Mufasa asked me in a VERY loud voice

"Did you notice that I put out the recycle bins and they are now empty?"

I was rather taken aback by the announcement as YES I had noticed that after five months of him forgetting every week to put them out (so that they were full to the point of OVERFLOWING and in fact taking over the ENTIRE garage) they had in fact found their way to the curb, had their contents collected by waste management, and been returned to their storage space. I had not however, found it necessary to comment on this Christmas miracle because I have trained myself to be oblivious to the irritating little jobs that never get done so that I wont be labelled with that most terrible of all labels a NAG.

What I had obviously overlooked was that I had failed to heap praise on my loved one for his outstanding accomplishment (which means that the recycle bins are probably destined to be full for the next year or two.)

I desperately tried to retrieve the situation:

Dishy (sarcastically) "Sorry Darling I didn't realize that I was supposed to give you a medal for FINALLY remembering to do one of YOUR chores."

Mufasa "What do you mean MY chores?"

Dishy "Are you NUTS of course it's one of your chores it's on your LIST"

Mufasa (very sarcastically) "Sorry I didn't get the memo."

I start to wonder what Rockstar is thinking about this exchange and whether we are just terrible role models for his future marriage?

'The List' doesn't actually exist it's just an unspoken agreement about certain things that fall into the male domain of every partnership - emptying the trash, checking tyre pressures, changing light bulbs, washing the dishes if your wife cooked the dinner etc. etc. Everyone knows that this is the way it is but for some reason men think that every time they complete one of these tasks that they deserve (at the very least) some extra praise and pampering and if truth be told what they actually expect is some physical manifestation of their woman's unadulterated joy and gratitude. Conversely they feel no need at all to praise, thank and spoil the women in their lives for the GAZILLION daily necessities that are carried out without a word of complaint or expectation of reward.

Why is it that it is perfectly OK for a man to say to his wife "Did you remember to pick up my dry cleaning" but if the wife says "Did you remember to fix that smoke alarm?" she is a NAG? Of course the answer to the first question is always "yes", whereas the answer to the second question (which is actually the fourth time of asking without a result) is always "I'm going to do it tomorrow after golf."

Wives are all (by default) NAGS. But husbands (like mine) who overall are tidy, considerate and helpful get the title SNAG (Sensitive New-Age Guy.) This belies the fact that they are actually little warlords in disguise. I need to stock up on Gold Medals for Mufasa after my recycle faux pas - it's a small price to pay for an efficient peaceful and well run home.

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