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Designer Dramas

I am one of those strange people who actually enjoys going to work. Aside from the fact that in this economy I am beyond grateful just to have a job, I have the honor to work with some of the worlds most talented and (more importantly) amusing designers. If your co-workers have monikers like Sparkle Barbie, Twinkie Ho and Poochie Santarita your day is unlikely to be dull. Add into the mix a ton of inspiring international design projects (all with impossible deadlines) a smorgasbord staff of 30 and a boss that calls me his Zulu Princess (I was born in South Africa) and it becomes apparent that my working environment is quite colorful before we even start designing. My department is FF&E aka The Fluffies. We are the girls (sorry Marc you are one of the girls that's why we called you Twinkie) who choose the fabrics, furniture, light fixtures and other essentials and then produce all the associated documentation. I know this sounds like a cushy job but trust me, our lives are extremely stressful. The only way we get through the working week with our mental and physical health intact is a ton of laughter and a stash of good chocolate. BTW ( in case the owners are reading this) we also work VERY VERY hard. 

This week the horizon brightened with the arrival of Snow White. This girl is drop dead gorgeous, she really has it ALL. The long black hair, perfect skin (as white as snow) and beautiful red lips. Needless to say it wasn't long before the seven dwarfs were lining up to do her bidding. As if by magic Sleazy, Gropey, Humpy and Jock were available to set up her new workstation and get the computer connected to the server. Frumpy, Sappy, and Creepy hovered in the background, tools at the ready to deal with any emergency. Thanks guys, very sweet but please remember she already has a prince and the dwarfs are her FRIENDS. Fortunately Snow White isn't just eye candy, she is talented, intelligent, funny and will be an asset to our Fluffie group; ergo we withered old FF&E hags have also fallen in love with her and don't feel the need to offer her poisoned fruit.

Since I wish to keep my job I will refer to the company as Very Lucky Designs (pronounce welly wrucky as our main office is in Hong Kong and most of the projects are in China) or VLD. On the other side or the world is another team of VLD people (the yin to our yang) who have the misfortune of being a lot closer to the clients. Sometimes one of us is dispatched to HQ for an indeterminate period of time to help deal with the latest crisis. This is a lot more dangerous than it sounds especially when your return ticket is flexible or non-existent. Right before Christmas one of our Hong Kong staff was held hostage in China for several days - the ransom  a drawing package (yet another unrealistic deadline) to be delivered to a client who clearly needs to see a therapist asap. We all worked around the clock to “FREE RONALD!” and “GET RONALD HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!” It's amazing how motivated people can be for a worthy cause and I am happy to report that we met the deadline and our colleague was released unharmed. Just another average working week for the VLD justice league.


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