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Flower Power

I am trying to improve my marriage by making an effort not to dwell on trivial issues. I am also working on anger management for the more serious transgressions like my husband crossing the threshold with yet another garage forecourt-style bouquet of chrysanthemums (which as you may know, I detest.) I was beginning to wonder if he actually had a death wish since I have told him so many times how much I truly despise them. However over lunch last Sunday I had an epiphany - my precious doesn't actually know what a flipping chrysanthemum is! Of course he didn't admit it there and then but my suspicions were confirmed later that night when I was the proud recipient of a beautiful bunch of lilies whereafter Mufasa confessed that as the florist was wrapping his original choices he had plucked up the courage to ask if any of them were chrysanthemums and was mortified to learn that they ALL were!

It just goes to show that even the most well intentioned act of kindness can turn into a disaster if you haven't done your homework. Seriously, we girls are not that hard to please but nothing will upset us quicker than feeling like our men have tuned us out or relegated what we are trying to say into the nagging category. The other night for instance, Mufasa was cleaning the dishes from dinner (he really is a treasure) when I specifically requested that he NOT put my new knives in the dishwasher. My new knives were a very expensive gift from my brother and are the first sharp knives I have ever owned. My cooking has improved no end since their arrival and my husband doesn't seem in the least concerned that I now have a set of effective weapons handy for PMS induced irrational episodes. So picture the scene the next morning when I opened the dishwasher and saw four of my new knives gleaming back at me. Since it was actually that time of the month I flew upstairs in an over-reactive rage and demanded to know if “you ever actually listen to a THING I say?” Mufasa was still half asleep and failed to realize the seriousness of the situation so unfortunately the whole thing got ugly rather quickly. voices were raised, tears were shed (because of course I am SO misunderstood) and it was at least an hour before we kissed and made up (after suitable sincere apology from husband.)

Two days later my husband had his sweet revenge when, on opening the dishwasher that I had previously loaded he discovered ALL the new knives happily nestled in the cutlery basket. That is one great big piece of humble pie that I am clearly going to be eating for several weeks or at least until he comes home with another bunch of chrysanthemums.

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